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ROBLOX part 2

yesHELLO EVERYONE.I am so sorry for not doing much blogging.But this time I will do the TOP GAMES in roblox part II,LETS GO!NEXT! Ninja simulator.Cool game no glitches,this game has very good skill and work.its the same as other simulator, need full ninja skill or called ninjutsu.sorry is I got it wrong.NEXT!BUBBLE GUM simulator.perfect simulator game get lots of blowing bubble gum to jump higher to find new island.THATS another blogging comments GOOD BYE.yes


who ever is reading this my ROBLOX name is WKM_10 comment your ROBLOX name 11.12.19

horse facts up. Ghbcccccv

Horse can really sleep standing up and laying down!Wow!

The lifespan of a horse is 25 to 30 or 35 years.

A horse  kick can badly hurt your tummy.



Next week is halloween  and I'm very,very,very exited.For this spooky time of year that only comes every 31st October.Last year l was a zombie but this year l'm a scelitin brisdmade. last year my brother was captin america zombie this year he is a priate zombie.this year is my second year going to nann's house to trick the older kids in her new and old naberhod.It is so much fun to do.



How to make it


hello guys its you boys vinnie today we will be looking at ECO WARRIORS.........

so eco warriors are people who pick up rubbish and also look after the school

they also look after the animalls because some people put rubbish in the sea and

birds put their head inside and it also kills them so please look after the hole worldand inviroment.


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